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Do you often find yourself browsing through the wallpaper section of your device’s app menu? If so, then you are not alone. With so many different wallpapers to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your options and figure out what is best for you. However, according to the latest research, the most popular wallpaper for mobile devices is abstract themed.

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We all know that mobile phones are an integral part of our lives, so it’s not surprising that wallpaper makes up a large part of the mobile experience. From the phone to the case, to the wallpaper, there are so many ways to customize them to fit your personality and taste. With every new device comes news wallpapers for your phone. But what are people actually using?

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The use of wallpaper for mobile phone screens has been around since the first phones came out featuring them. Every year, there are new trends in wallpaper design for this type of device. Here are the top 5 most popular ones from 2016!

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Many of today’s smartphones have the capability to be used as a computer. Along with this, there are different wallpaper options available for various screen sizes. These options offer people with many great options to choose from when they are looking for new wallpapers. The more common wallpapers are found on the Google Play Store, but other places that offer free downloads include DeviantArt and Flickr. Themes can range from cityscapes to nature scenery.

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Some people are strictly looking for images on their phone that are of high quality while some people care more about having images on their phone that match the wallpaper. It is true that up to date phones have HD screens which can be used to show HD images, but some people just want a good quality image without all the hassle of loading the image onto their phone.

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You’ve probably seen just as many of those one million dollar HD wallpapers as I have. The portraits, landscapes, and abstracts that we see on our phones every day are the most popular type of art on social media and on our home screens. It’s even better when they’re on a new phone we got for Christmas! But what makes these images so popular?

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There is an ever-growing demand for mobile phone wallpapers and there are many sources to choose from. From the creepy to the comedic, there is a wallpaper out there for everyone. One of the most popular wallpaper sites has been “Wallpaper Every Day” where amateur photographers around the world submit their photos and they are then posted as a free downloadable wallpaper for phones. People can find everything from landscapes to pets.

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A recent survey in the United States revealed that 60% of individuals in the country use their mobile phone as their primary source of entertainment. Indeed, people are constantly looking for ways to make their time spent on these small devices more exciting. One way to do this is by downloading wallpaper choices for your phone